Re-Viewing The Twilight Zone: A Springboard to Creative Thought

I recently finished writing a speculative memoir inspired by The Twilight Zone. Tentatively titled “Re-Viewing The Twilight Zone: A Young Fan’s Stories,” the narrative blends fact, fiction, and fantasy to explore how The Twilight Zone shaped my imagination when I was a young girl growing up in Miami in the late 1950s and early ’60s. The 20 hybrid essays consider selected episodes from the child’s perspective and include remixes and mashups of the shows, similar to fan fiction. Streaming online in new scenes of viewing, The Twilight Zone prompts me to remember my youth and to imagine my next act. In the process of telling my stories, I reinvent both the child I was and the woman I’ve become.

Although designed to stand alone, the essays gain greater meaning when read in relation to one another, particularly in the narratives that bring together characters from different episodes of The Twilight Zone. Several characters appear in multiple story lines.

The memoir is likely to appeal to fans of The Twilight Zone, to baby boomers who identify with the popular culture addressed in the essays, and to readers who appreciate creative approaches to contemporary memoirs. Beyond simply recounting my stories, the narratives provide new models for both autobiographical writing and autofiction. My experiments with personal storytelling may even inspire some readers to experiment with innovative writing of their own. The Twilight Zone serves as a springboard to creative thought.

I'm exploring publishing options now.

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