About me

Ever since I began a diary in fifth grade, I’ve been fascinated with personal storytelling and self-representation across a range of media, beginning with print and over the years advancing to film, video, digital arts, and the web. Recycled Memories: A Multimedia Quartet reflects this background.


The four books in the quartet—two fiction (Arella’s Repertoire and Vagabond Scribe) and two nonfiction (VirtualDayz and Video-Graphic Alchemy)—resonate with one another and invite readings greater than the sum of the parts. When We Believed in Magic, my latest publication, highlights the performative strands of Arella’s Repertoire, a novel.


As a writer and an editor, I draw on an interdisciplinary background that encompasses the humanities, arts, and sciences. My PhD is in the media arts, my master’s degree is in journalism and communications, and my bachelor’s degree is in psychology. I have taught writing and media courses at the University of California, Irvine; California State University, Long Beach; and the University of Iowa. On the cultural front, I have worked at or consulted for several nonprofits, including the Getty and the Long Beach Museum of Art. More recently, I've become involved with philanthropy. In my latest role, a principal gifts proposal writer, I’ve worked full-time at Caltech, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and UCI.


Thanks to all these experiences, I’ve learned to communicate with diverse audiences, to work with teams, and to nurture innovation. A native of Miami, Florida, I now call Southern California my home.


I would be happy to help you tell your stories. Whether you’re writing a memoir, sharing the success of your team, or exploring innovative ways to represent your brand, I will transform your visions into custom-designed texts for you and the audiences you want to reach. I'm also available to guide you through the creative process if you're working on projects of your own and want a coach or an editor. Please contact me for a free consultation.