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The Twilight Zone: “The Fugitive”

Excerpt: As a young fan of The Twilight Zone, I relate to the children in the shows who, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, hear “a different drummer.” These junior cast members strive to step to the music they hear, “however measured or far away”—and in The Twilight Zone, that can be farther than I ever dreamed possible. . . . When I’m unsatisfied with the way a plot unfolds or when I think a story ends too soon, I sometimes create alternative scenarios, inspired both by my televisual journeys into “a wondrous land of imagination” and by the classic fairy tales I’ve read. I’m in third grade when I first watch “The Fugitive” (original airdate: March 9, 1962; season three, episode twenty-five), an episode of The Twilight Zone in which Jenny (Susan Gordon), the adolescent co-lead, has a chance to tell her story . . . . #twilightzone #memoir #TV #babyboomer

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